XSport Fitness

Gym / Fitness
3240 N Ashland Ave (btwn Belmont Ave & School St)
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 529-1461


  • Slamming the weights or grunting like a constipated bulldog doesn't make you tough... it makes you an a$$hole
  • Don't be that guy who stand 2 inches from the dumbbells to do curls and blocks half of the weights for everyone else. #WhoopsYourAnAsshole
  • Men of the gym; I know y'all are consuming a lot of protein, but it's hard for me to maintain a consistent speed as you keep crop dusting in front of my machine. K thanks.
  • Love the smell of musty cucumbers? Check out the south west weight room for more details.
  • Great place to poop
  • Great gym. Make sure you stop and say hi to Stephanie at the front desk!
  • Please leave the machines and free weights alone if you're going to treat it as a social hour (or two). Leave that for the bar
  • The best trainers are Leo, Guillermo, and Chris! Each of them are built differently but all are in excellent shape. Always choose a trainer who has a BODY type that YOU would like to achieve!!
  • It's a bit crowded after work, but if you wait till 7 it slows down.
  • Be sure to wipe down your equipment - nobody wants to use a bench or treadmill that has your sweat all over it!
  • Try the total arc trainer burns calories faster than an elliptical but it's hard to snag one since there's only 4.
  • Cycling classes are awesome but get there early to get a bike!
  • Leave all your money in the car and bring a good lock!! Had my locker broken into twice and all my money stolen!
  • Go during off hours, seriously. Midday or late night.
  • Brantley's Yoga/Pilates Mix class is what gets me up and moving on Friday mornings. What a great way to bring in the weekend.
  • Been a member for years, thanks to my flexible work schedule I can get my work outs in during the day, but come 5pm (especially in Winter) this place is packed. Fortunately w/ lots of eye candy
  • When doing weight machines, select a load that allows you to complete the motion all the way through your last rep. It's really obnoxious when you strain through and drop on the last rep with a slam
  • If your trainer just sits there and socializes with you instead of making you sweat, request a new one. There are some great trainers here. Don't waste your money on one who just talks about nothing.
  • Don't go during peek hours!
  • This place is amazing, the largest selection of fitness equipment I've ever seen, on top of that they sell popular supplements at prices matched online and they're open 24/7. Winning!

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