Xfinity Center

Row 1

885 S Main St
Mansfield, MA 02048
(508) 339-2331
Music Venue, Event Space, Concert Hall

Foursquare Tips

  • One of the best lawns on the tour so far. Great slope so everyone can see...super crowded so the wrong people can't. #AlwaysKeepOneRolled
  • Wish we had stayed longer to hop to the cape. Boston is ill...
  • Drink a lot.
  • Go green and get better parking! Drive to the show with at least three friends and park up close in our carpool lot! Team Live Nation
  • You concert goers are weak sauce! Stop complaining about dirty porta potties & a line to leave the concert. Enjoy what you get!
  • Security is a bitch here. Bring paper cups!
  • If you are out of state and under 25, make sure to bring two or three forms of ID as they will not serve you with only 1 picture ID. BUNK.
  • 2 cheeseburgers, 1 hotdog, 3 sodas, $35, eat before you get here
  • I hope the people directing this parking lot traffic catches a bad case of crabs and lice! Assholes!!!
  • Don't park in free parking. Pay the 40 bucks for parking outside venue. You may wait HOURS to leave
  • the alcohol policy. If u are under25 and not from mass or ri u can not drink at all unless u bring ur passport if u are under 30 and not from ma u need 2 forma of id. They dont take dups
  • Great tailgating! They allow grills in the parking lot too!
  • stop by the @soldiersangels booth at @zacbrownband #lettersforlyrics
  • Yes I do work backstage, No I will not get you backstage
  • Free sodas all night in hot weather if you sign as designated driver
  • There are better music venues but you can get free parking for tailgating.
  • Hint to my future self: since they let you bring a sealed water bottle in but then make you throw away the cap, a useful thing to bring is a spare cap. Hate you sloshing full bottle.
  • Oddball comedy festival!
  • Concessions are BADLY understaffed. Security is negligent. Traffic patterns are engineered by people who do not drive. Wait to see a show when it comes to New York or Hartford.