Wyclef Jean to Open The Refugee Lounge Restaurant

Staff Writer
The rapper, musician, and former Haitian presidential candidate says his restaurant will open in 6 to 9 months

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Turns out, when rapper/musician Wyclef Jean isn't posing in next-to-nothing on a Ducati motorcycle, he's being all productive and planning a restaurant, yet another musician-backed restaurant for New York City.

Jean told Power 105.1 FM that he'll be opening a multicultural eatery named after his former band  (The Fugees) called The Refugee Lounge, New York Daily News reports.

"The reason why I'm doing this is because back in the days, we had like the original Copacabana. And I feel that we can use a spot in New York that has culture... where it's DJ culture, it's band culture, it's lounge culture, it's vibe... where it's an eclectic vibe," Jean said on the radio show.

Apparently they're still in the negotiation stages, but we're not too sure if Jean knows the bad rap musician-backed restaurants have in general (Lady Gaga's Joanne Trattoria, for example, hasn't exactly had the best press). Watch the full interview below, where Jean also discusses the questionable Ducati shoot.

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