Wrap Presents in Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper

You can make all your giftees very hungry

Everyone is freaking out about this realistic cheeseburger wrapping paper available from Gift Couture, featuring all the components necessary to make a cheeseburger. There's the sesame-seed buns, the tomatoes, the lettuce, cheese, and of course, the marbled patty.

For $5, Kickstarter backers receive one 27-inch-by-40-inch sheet of wrapping paper; for $20 you get the entire set (plus $8 for shipping).

For this to work, though, you'll have to have all your gifts together, and the gift sizes must be proportional. So instruct all your friends to buy you books (or jewelry), and then give them wrapping paper accordingly. That's not going too far, is it?


Gift Couture from Gift Couture on Vimeo.

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