Worldwide Tacos

Vegetarian / Vegan, Tacos
2419 W Martin Luther King Jr Blvd (3rd Ave)
Los Angeles, CA 90008
(323) 291-1500


  • Half of the obscenely long menu is vegetarian/vegan. Absolutely astounding.
  • FooD Is WonDeRful jUSt Be Prepared 4A Hour oR More WaiT tHey eVeN Have A "Secret Menu" OR U cAn Create YO OwN Burrito/FooD #YouveBeenWarned #Foodie !
  • Horrible wait and they don't take phone orders any longer.
  • Bring a book
  • grilled shrimp!
  • Lobster tacos :-)
  • Best Tacos ever!words cannot describe them!
  • Steak & Shrimp, Mango Chicken Chipotle, Grilled Steak, BBQ Salmon, are what I tried. Fresh and made to order. You will get a call when your order is ready and it could take up to five hours, so wait.
  • Be prepared to wait a very long time. It's sad because the tacos are decent but waiting over an hour for tacos is unacceptable especially when there's no line.
  • So manny to chose from it's amazing the only problem would be the long wait but even with the long wait it's worth it . Also that wait gives you time to so shop
  • The 1-2 hour wait for tacos may seem crazy, but the give it a try, you'll find it's worth it.
  • After waiting 1 hour 10 minutes for 3 tacos & 3 burritos I wasn't sure. Tacos are delish. But the wait is disrespectful. Too bad.
  • Lol @ bring a book.
  • Good tacos but the wait is ridiculously TOO LONG!!
  • Tacos & Burritos r but I hope u got time 2 wait
  • Enjoy their unique spin on tacos and try their worldly Mexican, Thai or even Belizean Tacos! Over 150 different style tacos to choose from.
  • Buffalo shrimp burrito and fries!!! Ahhhh I freakin love it!
  • BBQ salmon