"World's Most Expensive Christmas Wreath" With Over 138 Ct of Rubies & Diamonds For $4.6M


The holiday season is full of failed DIY projects, from gingerbread house disasters to Christmas tree ornaments that make your friends cock their heads in confusion (it's supposed to be Rudolph!) — it's almost like Pinterest was created to shatter our creative dreams. Instead of attempting that cute wreath you saw, maybe you should just buy one instead. But don't get just any, buy the ultimate Christmas wreath filled with over 40 diamonds and rubies! The 138.83 ct wreath will only cost you $4.6M.

Sold by Very First To, this festive decoration is made using flowers and leaves from all over the word and was designed by Finnish Floral Designer (and Director of Flor Unikon Flowers) Pasi Jokinen-Carter — his client list includes the Royal Family, so no big deal.

“I am passionate about my craft and this recent invitation to create an exclusive wreath, using natural materials and diamonds, has been an exciting and exceptional project," says Jokinen-Carter.


The flora used include Helleborus and deep blue Hedera berries, as well as greenery like Laurus, Lingonberry, Blueberry stems from Flor Unikon’s country house in Finland, Noblis, Thuja, Vaccinium Myrtillus stems, and hand-curled Eucalyptus leaves to hold the stones (which are provided by 77 Diamonds).

Speaking of the stones, which is what we really care about, let's talk about what you'll be getting. Of the many diamond and rubies scattered throughout the wreath, the stars are the Vivid Red 17.49 ct ruby and the 3.03 ct Fancy Yellow Diamond. In just one of the Helleborus flower heads you'll find 22 loose diamonds that amount to 2.64 cts.

“It is exhilarating to participate in curating a selection of gems that would create the most sparkling Christmas anyone could wish for; plus a very worthwhile investment for the future," says the co-owner of 77 Diamonds, Tobia Kormind.

All of the stones can be removed from the wreath and attached to next year's purchase, or 77 Diamonds is offering to mount them onto a bespoke designed piece of jewelry for you complimentarily.

According to the founder of Very First To, Marcel Knobil, this decorative piece is the "world's most expensive Christmas wreath," and we're certainly not going to challenge that.