World’s Cheesiest Cities

No, we're not talking about their jokes

Wouldn't you love to live somewhere famous for cheese?

Cheese. It’s the stuff that makes the world go ‘round. Cheese and crackers with wine? Bingo. Nachos swimming in a sea of cheese? Give me some of that. Parmesan on pasta? Keep grating.

You get the picture: Cheese is pretty awesome. And wouldn’t it be even more awesome to live in a city that’s named after cheese? Talk about getting your cheese locally. Let’s take a look at the great bastions of aged dairy our favorite cheeses were named for:

Monterey Jack Cheese

Photo Credit: Nasonville Dairy
Hails from Monterey, California, and the “Jack” classification of cheese was only officially sanctioned by the FDA in 1955.

Gruyère Cheese

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

There’s a little town in Switzerland where this cheese gets its name from, and you know you wish you were there to delight in some local Gruyère.

Brie Cheese

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Brie, glorious brie! We would definitely move to France to live in the region of Brie — don’t you agree?

Parmesan Cheese

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

As if Italy doesn’t have enough culinary reasons to lure tourists. Parma should be high on your cheese-testing bucket list.

Cheddar Cheese

Photo Credit: Flickr/

Can you believe this cheese we love so much in the States comes from a town in England called Cheddar? Maybe life there is betta ‘cause of all the Chedda(r).


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Yes, there is a place in the world called Gouda, and that place is in the Netherlands. Gouda-nuff reason to plan your next trip there, don’t you think?