World Leaders' Chefs Cook for Diplomacy and More News

In today's Media Mix, Pret a Manger opens in a Target, plus Chobani opens a New York café
Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news in the food world.

Chobani Launching Café: The Greek yogurt brand has decided to expand into a café business, selling its yogurt with toppings and mix-ins, plus olive oils and nuts. [NY Times]

Target Getting Healthy: Sure, most Targets may have a Pizza Hut or a Starbucks, but it looks like health foods are mainstream enough now that a Pret a Manger is opening in a Chicago Target. [USA Today]

World Leader Chefs Swap Food: The "Club des Chefs des Chefs" for chefs of political leaders met to swap food, share stories, and hope for better relationships between leaders. [AP]

Chicago Politican Tries to Block Chick-fil-A: Looks like Boston's mayor isn't the only politician voicing his anti-Chick-fil-A stance. A Chicago alderman wants to block the chain from opening their second restaurant in Chicago in Logan Square. We wonder if the hipsters care. [Chicago Tribune]

Ming Tsai's New Digs: The chef spills about his upcoming new restaurant Blue Dragon in Boston, saying the menu will feature deviled tea eggs, sweet potato chips with wasabi salt, and beef cheek and celery dumplings. Also, a burger with "umami glaze." [Boston Herald]