Word of Mouth: Arthur's Best of Philly

The Daily Meal's Eat/Dine editor gives his picks for Philadelphia

ouble meat cheesesteak “wit” onions, Cheese Whiz, white American, cherry peppers, and red pepperoncini at Steve’s.

I'll be honest with you, I don't really like Philadelphia. Actually, I've always kind of actively hated it. I know, I know, I'm sure the feelings of the city's denizens are really hurt. Devastated, actually. It's not even that as a New Yorker, I've always looked at Philly as the sixth borough, or that its teams, and their fans are obnoxious — sworn enemies in fact. It's more because I think I've been to Philly twice in my entire life when it wasn't overcast. That said, you have to respect a city that has developed it's own cult following around a sandwich (even though there are much better sandwiches to find than a cheesesteak) and their soft pretzels are better than anything you'll find in New York City.

Fancy: Le Bec Fin

Best Value: Dilly's

Bar Scene/Drinks: Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co.

Burger: SquareBurger

Pizza: Osteria

Sandwich: Steve's

Food Truck: The Dapper Dog

Regional: Philly Pretzel Factory

Hidden Gem: Dalessandro’s

Mexican/Latin-America: Distrito

Spanish/Tapas: Amada

Desserts: John's Water Ice

India: Saffron Indian Kitchen

Vegetarian: Magic Carpet Foods

Wild card: Zahav

Best Bizzaro World Food Experience: Old Forge, The Pizza Capital of the World