Woodman's Food Market

W124N8145 State Road 145
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
(262) 415-4001


  • If you want to come when it's slow, stop in the last week of the month when everyones EBT runs out.
  • Time to eat well again like I said watch the expiration dates ok. They can get kinda tricky on you.
  • Best grocery store! Huge (and huge selection), great prices, biggest selection of asian and other ethnic foods outside of a specialty store, and open 24x7x363
  • If u go pass 10 pm u c the weirdest shit!!
  • Holy people watching place.
  • Watch for expiration dates on all refrigerated/perishable foods!
  • I love shopping here. I get all the deals I need. Except I always get stuck in the bread aisle, lol because you so much to choose from. And I'm not even a bread lover. Lol
  • Don't lean on the walls
  • The liquor store easily has the best craft beer selection I've ever seen at a grocery store liquor store.
  • Wanna feel like you're rich? Buy some Cavier: only $7.30 an ounce. Wanna feel like you're super rich? Buy some Justin Bieber cologne for $34/ounce
  • Love the liquor store. The grocery store itself has the best selection ever. I've seen koolaide flavors totally foreign to me. The gas station leaves something 3 be desired. Can't use ur bank card
  • Variety in quality and prices to fit any budget
  • Best time is to shop at night!
  • I love their salads...and veggie snacks...convenient for work...
  • Best selection for liquor/beer in the area
  • Prices are pretty reasonable, except dog food...liquor selection is awesome....
  • Everything. The variety and pricing is the best!
  • Great gluten free, organic, and ethnic choices. Huge selection of healthy and fresh foods, with great prices. $50 worth of groceries for 2 1/2 weeks, for 4 people.
  • They'll cut off your song to talk over the intercom :/
  • Wstch the experation dates on lables

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