Woodbury 10 Theatre

Movie Theater
1470 Queens Dr
Woodbury, MN 55125
(651) 731-0606


  • Only $4 for a first-run show at 5:15.
  • Food prices way less expensive here, buy it!
  • Awesome prices!
  • Best theatre popcorn around
  • A smaller, less fancy theater, with very affordable ticket and concession prices.
  • Better popcorn than Carmike
  • Worst service - workers sit on their phones and you have to get their attention to get service.
  • $20 Gets 2 people a movie and the double feature large popcorn and 2 large pop deal with $2 to spare. :-) :-)
  • Can't beat the prices here. $6 for an adult ticket after 6pm. Free refills on large soda and popcorn. Best theater value.
  • Great theater decent prices, comfy seats. Glad it's my local theater!
  • Pretty cheap prices, but it went up $2 so now it's $7 a person. Reclining chairs and arm rests too!
  • Evening tickets increased to $7, but it's still a great deal!
  • Tickets are $4 before 6pm, $6 after 6pm. We usually get the Double Feature; 2x large sodas and 1x large popcorn for $10. You can't beat under $20 for a new release with your better half! :)
  • Best price on concessions and no mall rats hanging out. I'll be back!
  • Cheap tickets! Security has been good on making people shut up but they need to make sure they stay on TOP of that or this theater will be downhill again. But with security I love it!
  • Much cheaper and upgrades to seating have made it less dumpy.
  • Love the price! Supporting local business!
  • This place is all fixed up and CLEAN like Mr. Clean had a party here and kicked ass!!!
  • Delicious popcorn with extra butter!
  • Get the Woodbury Special - medium popcorn & soda for $6. It is one of the best concessions deals available!

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