Wolfgang Puck Outed for Still (Sometimes) Serving Foie Gras


Wolfgang Puck

If you recall, Wolfgang Puck has long been a supporter of the foie gras ban, calling the force-feeding of ducks and geese "extremely detrimental to animal welfare."

Well then, surprise surprise, the celebrity chef (and winner of James Beard's Lifetime Achievement Award) is still supposedly serving foie gras at CUT in Singapore, as well as at private events. All a little weird, since more than 100 California chefs have just announced their opposition to California's July 1 foie gras ban, while Puck sent out a righteous letter explaining his support.

A Wolfgang Puck representative told Food Arts that stateside, "We do, unfortunately, have private events where people want foie gras on their menu. We do our best to steer them in a different direction, but sometimes people just want it.”

This revelation has, of course, caused some people like Incanto's Chris Cosentino to call Puck a hypocrite. "It’s sad and disheartening that you not only sell your soul, but then go against your own beliefs, too," Cosentino said.

In Singapore, foie gras was reportedly on the CUT menu twice, as seen in these screenshots; the menu on Puck's web site has since been changed. CUT just opened last year, the San Francisco Chronicle points out, but Puck's letter supporting the ban claims he hasn't served foie gras since 2007. Wolfgang Puck representatives have not yet responded to our questions.