Winter Drinking Essentials: The Drinkmaster Hoodie

The ultimate hoodie for outdoor drinking (Super Bowl, anyone?)

The DrinkMaster hoodie

Relaxing outdoors and having a few drinks with friends is one of the finest pleasures known to those who indulge, but during winter in the U.S., chances for doing this plummet drastically. Even going to a big club or party in a warehouse-like space can result in dampened spirits thanks to chilly drafts. And how annoying is it to have to pass up another beer at a tailgate because you just can’t handle the freezing cold can?

We have found the solution to all the cold-weather ills, and it can be yours for less than $60. The Drinkmaster Hoodie is a textile marvel. This single piece of clothing has much more than just a bottle opener attached to the zipper and a snappable shoulder ID pocket within easy reach of frigid hands.

Those hands will be kept warm as you hold your beer, thanks to sleeve extensions that double as "drinking mitts" — kind of a half-glove shapes lined with insulation. You’ll also have easy access to the stronger stuff, stored in the built-in flask pocket. Extra brews are easily toted as well, in the breast pocket that’s actually a Neoprene-lined koozie.

The 80/20 cotton/polyester fleece-lined sweatshirt is available from in sizes from small to triple-XL, so head over to pick up your new favorite piece of clothing. Stay warm and drink well!

— Danya Henninger, The Drink Nation

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