Winners of the $500 Four Seasons Gift Card Giveaway

Our readers posted lots of exciting travelogues, but only two readers got the most ratings.
Four Seasons gift card giveaway
Four Seasons

Four Seasons gift card giveaway

We asked you to submit stories of their most delicious trips, and it turns out that our readers are incredible well-traveled... and hungry. From one reader that flew to Lima, Peru, in search of Pisco and ceviche, only to rediscover her taste for meat, to another reader who got way more than he bargained for — including an epic hangover — after a Mongolian roast lamb dinner, the Eating Our Way Through giveaway entries showed that you guys have some pretty adventuresome palates.

We loved burgerblogger's detailed account of a gluttonous weekend in Charleston, S.C., and his awesome photos gave us quite a hankering for some Low Country cuisine. Meanwhile, ojaicook was surprised to discover a memorable potato curry at the rail station during a dream trip to India that included a stay in the famed Lake Palace Hotel, which goes to show you that you can find the best food in the most unexpected of places.

In fact, one of our winners, SarahC, went on a vacation that exemplified that exact concept. She anticipated a trip of ho-hum meals in Yosemite but was shocked to find elevated, seasonal eats.

Our other winner also detailed a trip out West — San Francisco in fact. Jackk gave us a detailed itinerary of must-eats while visiting the gorgeous foodie city, from where to go on a date night to his picks for San Fran's best dining.

Even though the giveaway is over, and these two readers will soon receive their $500 gift cards from the Four Seasons, don't let that stop you from contributing to The Daily Meal. We want to hear about all of your culinary travels -- submit an Eating Our Way Through... story and our editors will post it on the site!