Mad Fish Western Australia Chardonnay 2001

Other Australia

Winemaker's Notes

Bright pale straw colour. Herbaceous grassy nose with grapefruit and citrus background. On the palate some nutty peach flavours emerge but are overcome by herbaceous grassy flavours. This wine has more in common with a Sauvignon Blanc than Chardonnay, none the less it's a good up market commercial wine.

About the Region

From Granite Belt in southeastern Queensland, around Australia's eastern and southern sections through New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, and Southern Australia, and then far to the west in Margaret River, Australia boasts almost 2,000 producers, from tiny boutiques to massive multi-nationals, and is the fourth-largest exporter of wine in the world. In addition to the many bottles labeled with major wine region names, there is a huge production of proprietary labelings, from the famous Yellow Tail to such imaginatively named smaller offerings as Shoofly Buzz Cut and Mr. Riggs the Gaffer. Nearly every imaginable wine style, red, white, and rosé, sparkling, and fortified, is produced in this major wine country.