Apothic White Blend 2013

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Grapes are grown all over California — anywhere that climate allows — and there are more than 100 AVAs, or American Viticultural Areas, in the state, with the main sub-divisions being Central Coast, Santa Cruz Mountains, Central Valley, North Coast, Sierra Foothills, South Coast, and the small Klamath Mountains area in far northwestern California. Some of the lesser-known areas include Livermore Valley, just south of San Francisco; Lodi County, to the east of San Francisco, famous for zinfandel; San Francisco Bay (a miscellany of vineyard regions east and south of the city), Temecula Valley (near the site of California's first mission vineyards), and even two AVAs in Malibu. Most varieties of Vitis vinifera are planted here, whether in experimental plots or en masse. Wines labeled simply as "California" are blended from more than one AVA.