Tasting Notes: Headbanger Sonoma Zinfandel

A powerful wine fit for a heavy metal god.

Today is an important birthday: Robert Bartleh Cummings is 46 years young today. Who, you might ask, is Robert Bartleh Cummings? You probably know him better as Rob Zombie, founder of the ultimate headbanging heavy-metal band White Zombie.

How should you celebrate this milestone (or the fact that any heavy-metal star made it past age 45)? With a bottle of Headbanger wine, of course.

Admittedly, we approached the Headbanger Sonoma Zinfandel ($20) with a hefty amount of skepticism. After all, who wants to drink a wine with a label that looks like a trucker's mud flap? But true to the name, the wine brings measure upon measure of fruit and oak power. This is a big, blueberry pie and chocolate-tasting Zin — yet the wine's not overly alcoholic and there's a decent touch of acidity that gives it a long, fruit-driven finish.

It's one serious wine with a not-so-serious label — and for delightfully taking us by surprise, Headbanger Zinfandel is our Wine of the Week.

You can purchase the wine here. And go ahead, crank up Living Dead Girl or Dragula while you sip a glass of this powerhouse Zin.

What wine's taken you by surprise recently? Tell us about it below.