Wine Tips: Do The Can-Can

Surprisingly drinkable wine in a can? Believe it.

While it's easy to assume that a canned wine is cheap, of low quality and tastes more like the can than like wine, there are exceptions. One in particular is a new creation by JT Wines: FLASQ.

The FLASQ aluminum bottles are quick-chilling, 100% recyclable, shatter-proof and very pleasantly priced. Starting at $5.99, these half bottles (375ml) are a steal mostly because the wine inside them tastes better than pretty much anything else we've tried at this price, even out of a glass bottle.

FLASQ currently offers Chardonnay and Merlot from California's prominent Central Coast area, but don't be surprised if other varietals hit the market soon. We popped the 2009 Merlot with a grilled-cheese sandwich and a bowl of spicy tomato soup. The wine was juicy and bright — and a perfect match with the food. We especially appreciated the can's wide-mouth opening that allowed for maximum glupability.

Would you drink wine out of a can? Or a plastic bottle? Or TetraPak? Tell us what you think of the move away from glass bottles.