Artist Creates 'Wine Stain' Portraits

Wine is the paint and tablecloth is the canvas for Portland artist Amelia Fais Harnas

You know that awful feeling of spilling red wine on a favorite shirt? One artist has taken red wine spillage to a creative new level — wine stain art. 

A born artist and performer, the eccentric Amelia Fais Harnas has always found unique forms of self-expression. Now she has discovered a new medium, in which the canvas is a tablecloth and the paint is wine. For the past year and a half, Harnas has perfected her art form through trial and error, producing ethereal portraits from a single glass of wine. Her subjects are often depicted drinking the very substance they are painted in, creating a finished product that Harnas herself describes as "a blend of chaos and control."

While cheap wine seems to do the trick (in the past she has used $10 bottles of Finger Lakes and French Cahors), no wine is out of reach for her art. "I do plan on experimenting with all sorts of wine varieties and origins," Harnas told the Huffington Post.

It has been questioned how long her pieces of wine art will last, given the nature of their composition, but as Harnas notes, "part of the excitement is how fragile and unique these stains are." Harnas’ delicately detailed artwork has been positively received thus far, and she is still trying out new techniques. Check out her wine art on her website.