Wine Pairings for Summer Blockbusters

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What to sip while at the movies (we won't tell you snuck in wine!)

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Whether you’re watching a disguised Texas lawyer seeking revenge in the Wild West, a bootlegger throwing a roaring '20s New York soirée, or a Kryptonian superhero saving Metropolis from its end, we can all agree there’s no better way to cool off this July than an afternoon at the movies. So let’s make a toast to the time honored tradition of the summer blockbuster! Here are the biggest flicks coming out this summer and the wines to sip in their honor.

Pacific Rim — July 12
Guillermo del Toro’s latest picture features massive robots called "Kaiju" who arise from beneath the Pacific Ocean. After you go, crack open a bottle of WAKATAKE "DEMON SLAYER" Daiginjo Onikoroshi Saké Non-vintage (Japan) $48. The name alone is a perfect match for the robot fighting "Jaegers," which means "hunters" in German, and this saké will give you a taste — albeit a gentler one — for the turbulent waters of this sci-fi flick.

RED 2 — July 19
If we learned anything from RED, it’s that blood-soaked CIA pics and gut-busting comedies don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The title definitely helped narrow down our wine pairing choices, so laugh along with a glass of QUPÉ Bien Nacido Vineyard Syrah 2009 (Santa Barbara, Calif.) $26. The red varietal is famously spicy, giving a kick just like this not-so-typical summer comedy.

The Wolverine — July 26
Hugh Jackman spent months bulking up to play this mutant with super human strength, and no wine can pack a punch quite like a top-tier cab. To celebrate the film’s Australian star, grab a bottle of PETER LEHMANN VSV Ruediger Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 (Barossa, Australia) $60. Richly tannic and masculine with a steadfast finish, you may find this cab invincible like the Wolverine himself.

The Smurfs 2 — July 31
The Smurfs are back, and this time they’re taking Paris by storm! To celebrate their French adventure, pop open a bottle of VEUVE CLICQUOT Brut Champagne non-vintage (Champagne, France) $45. Decadent like the City of Lights, this sparkler might also remind you of one of Gargamel’s bubbly brews.

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