Holiday Wine Gifts

The best gift ideas for the wine geeks in your life

Wine geeks are an odd lot to shop for during the holiday season. You can always buy them wine, but will they like it? Ditto for glassware. Why are there so many different types? Is it just to cause gifting anxiety?

Yes it’s true, while we wine geeks love all things related to wine, we tend to be an astoundingly fickle bunch. I’ll be putting together upcoming lists of the toys I like to use while enjoying wine, but for the wine geek on your list, you might want to consider the unexpected.

Wine games are great gifts since most self-respecting wine geeks would never admit to wanting them but will play until the cows come home. There are also some nifty items out there that every wine geek can find a use for.

Check out this list of prime wine gifts for your favorite wine lovers, and don’t forget to buy a little something for yourself, too. You know you’ll be getting bottles of wine you’re not familiar with and wine glasses that aren’t your style anyway, so make sure your wine gift list has at least one winner this year!

Click here for ideas for wine gifts.


— Gregory Del Piaz, Snooth