Wine by Cuvaison, Labels by Warhol

From by Wanda Mann
Wine by Cuvaison, Labels by Warhol

Iconic artist Andy Warhol didn't hold back at a dinner party in the 1980's when the host and owner of Cuvaison Winery asked his opinion of their wine - "What a lousy label!" Instead of taking offense to Warhol's harsh appraisal, the moment was seized as an opportunity to challenge the artist to create something better.

In true Warhol fashion, the artist delved deeply into the project. His process included taking numerous Polaroids of grapes and using those images to create silkscreen prints for Cuvaison labels. Warhol created more than 50 unique labels to capture the personality of Cuvaison but until recently they were mostly forgotten in a drawer. 

In celebration of the 35 years since Warhol accepted the challenge, Cuvaison has released series one of a limited-edition box set featuring two wines labeled with his unique artwork. Cuvaison winemaker Steven Rogstad "strived to create wines that are as unique as Warhol's labels" and the set includes 2014 Chardonnay from their Carneros estate and a 2014 red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and Cabernet Franc from Mount Veeder. 

Warhol-Website-Banner-image"The idea is not to live forever... it is to create something that will." - Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol passed away in 1987 but his influence as an artist remains profound. His collaboration with Cuvaison is an exciting opportunity to celebrate Warhol's legacy and also experience the artistry of these wonderful wines.

Series One of Andy Warhol by Cuvaison is available at the Cuvaison website for $250.