From the Wine Cellar: Rosés in All Their Many Styles

7 rosés to drink all summer long

Is there anyone left who hasn’t said in the past year, "I love rosés"? From being an ignored style of wine a few years ago, it is now a major, growing category and a must-try challenge to winemakers who have yet to whip up their first batch.

In fact, there are so many rosés available at all price categories these days that we will give our summation at the beginning — Takeaway: There are so many different styles and categories of the pink wine that to say you love rosés doesn’t really mean anything, or at least nothing more than proclaiming that you love red wine or white wine or sparkling wine!

Here are seven well-priced wines from the dozens — hundreds? — to choose from:

2012 Gérard Bertrand gris blanc Pays d’Oc ($14). Quite good, with orange peel flavors, crisp bitters to refresh the palate and a minerally underlay.

2012 Domaine Begude pinot rosé ($14). From Limoux, better known for its sparkling wine, this copper-colored beauty has bright fruits, especially strawberries, with some creaminess and closing bitters. Good weight and structure. Enjoy with a bowl of cherries and berries.

2012 M. Chapoutier Bila-Haut Pays d’Oc rosé ($17). Soft and creamy with riper strawberry flavors, yet very crisp acidity in the finish — excellent for crab dishes.

2012 Laurent Miguel Pays d’Oc cinsault/syrah rosé ($9). Quite a complex wine with lovely aromas — lots of floral and citrus notes of roses and grapefruit with a hint of sweetness in the end. Buy this wine if you love French sauvignon blancs.

2012 Vera Vinho Verde rosé ($11). We sometimes forget that Vinho Verde is a region and not always a white wine. This one is a blend of vinhão and rabo-de-anho (just had to get that in). Its flavors are crisp apples and a little quince bolstered by a substantial spritz. Very lively and refreshing.

2010 Cabriz Dão rosé ($8). A blend of alfrocheiro and tourigal nacional fruit, it is a bit of a poof, a bon-bon  a little sweet, light, peachy/orange flavors and negligible crispness in the finish.


2012 Mulderbosch Coastal Region cabernet sauvignon rosé ($11). Cab-based rosés are often delicious, substantial table wines. That is the case here. It’s well-balanced with lots of over-ripe strawberries, a touch of creaminess, and good acidity in the finish.