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Enter now for a chance to win the highly prized Minden Gas Grill
Minden Gas Gril

Minden Gas Gril

Because summer grilling only gets better when you have a top-of-the line grill, The Daily Meal has teamed up with Williams-Sonoma to give away a Minden Outdoor Gas Grill. Check out the details below and enter today to win!


The Prize: A brand-new Minden Outdoor Gas Grill

What You Have to Do: Submit your favorite grilling recipe.

How: Upload your recipe here, and email us the link at

Contest Dates: July 14th to July 31st. 

Winner Announced: Tuesday, August 2nd. 


This efficient and user-friendly gas grill is perfect for more compact cooking outdoors and comes at a very reasonable price considering what you’re getting (just under $500). The three grilling burners have individual temperature controls that allow you to cook different foods at the same time. Plus there is a separate side burner for sautéing vegetables and a removable tray to store condiments or utensils. This is definitely a prize worth fighting for. 

Check out the interview below with the wonderful people behind Minden to learn more about this amazing prize. 


What sets this grill apart from others that you manufacture?

Our Minden Master II Gas Grill (the one being given away) is our new and improved version of our original Minden Master Gas Grill. Even burning all stainless steel burners and an easy light igniter are the new features found on the Minden Master II Gas Grill.  


What are some key features that are unique to this grill?  

The Minden Master II Grill can be fully customized by its owner. Add a side burner, a bamboo cutting board, stainless steel grate, or an ice bucket to make your Minden Master II Gas Grill a perfect fit for your barbecuing needs.


How was the grill developed?  

The Minden Master II Gas Grill was designed to be a visually appealing, small-scale grill that cooks as great as it looks. The user defined accessories and assembly make the Minden Master II Gas Grill the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high quality, aesthetically appealing gas grill to enrich their outdoor cooking lifestyle.

Good luck!!

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