Will Los Angeles Finally Legalize Street Food?

Sure, they have food trucks, but street food vendors like New York's hot dog stands are still illegal
LA's Street Food

Photo Modified: Flickr/TonyFischer

Los Angeles residents are banding together to try to legalize street food.

New York City's dirty water hot dogs may have a bad rap, but that doesn't stop millions of tourists and the hardened New Yorkers from scarfing one down at 3 a.m. Totally appropriate.

Unfortunately, Los Angeles has yet to experience the joys of legal standardized street cart food, but that may change. LAist reports that a town hall for residents of Mac Arthur Park is scheduled to put pressure on the city to legalize street food.

Slated for Aug. 30, the meeting was scheduled in order to get regulations similar to New York or Chicago, implementing a policy to license street food vendors. Apparently, in past instances the LAPD had forced bacon-wrapped hot dog cart owners to throw everything into garbage trucks.

In the meantime, the LA food truck movement is still doing well, but if this street-food legalization actually works, perhaps the ghetto dog (bacon-wrapped hot dog, peppers, and onions) will forever be known as the Los Angeles dog? Or maybe something with Botox and avocados (kidding about the former, obviously. We love Los Angeles.)


(Photo Modified: Flickr/TonyFischer)