Will the Ban on Female Members Be Lifted? The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews Ready to Vote

Will the Ban on Female Members Be Lifted? The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews Ready to Vote

St Andrews came into the news in March when the infamous Royal & Ancient Golf Club announced they were recommending that they open their membership doors to women. The club, after 260 years, have been feeling some pressure to take a step towards gender equality—especially since the Augusta National golf club lifted their ban in August by inviting former US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and South Carolina financier Darla Moore to join their ranks. The final decision won't be announced until September 18 when the members officially vote, but we're hoping they drop the ban and get with the times.

According to Scotland Now, "the move will pave the way for the Open Championship to be hosted solely at mixed-membership clubs after outrage last year when men-only club Muirfield staged the oldest major." The 2,400 existing members can still vote against it, but considering the club is recommending they vote in favor of allowing women members and it only needs two-thirds majority, it's pretty likely the ban will be lifted. Hopefully the news will make other clubs follow suite, especially since three other courses on the British Open rotation are still men-only, which will certainly pose some problems in the future.

"We very much hope once the vote is taken we will be welcoming women to the club. It's something that has been expected; I'm not going to say overdue but I'm sure I'll be asked that question," says R&A chief executive Peter Dawson. "Society is changing, sport is changing, golf is changing and I think it's appropriate for a governing body to take this step. This is not about the Open Championship. This is about our governance role."

We can't wait to find out the decision come September 18.