Will This $1,000 App Keep You From Upgrading to the iPhone 6?


We were all in a tizzy over Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 6 Plus last week and were a little surprised at the reasonable $499 price tag for 128GB (with a two-year agreement, naturally)—after all, it comes with a longer battery life, upgraded camera, and faster CPU. Those interested in better video quality don’t necessarily have to upgrade just yet though. The Vizzywig 4K, created by i4software, allows you to produce and export 4K videos from your iPhone 5S and is currently available in the App Store for the price of $999.

Vizzywig's upgraded app captures 4K photos at 24 images per second using the camera’s eight megapixel sensor. Audio is captured separately and synched to create the single 4K video. The app also comes with its own editing system that is complete with transitions, title slides, and scrolling credits. Because the video is created from photos, users can easily access each individual frame for editing (if they choose).

The uncompressed video quality and extensive editing capability explain the price tag, although its iOS 7 requirement is most likely what will keep users from purchasing. Currently a bug in the iOS 8 software prevents compatibility, but i4software hopes that it will be fixed with future iOS 8 updates.