Wildwood Movies 16

Movie Theater, Cineplex
3100 Deerfield Dr
Janesville, WI 53546
(608) 743-0200


  • Tuesday nights are $10 for admission, large popcorn and a large drink!
  • Tuesday 10 bucks for ticket large popcorn and drink!
  • Nachos are always a good filling snack to have as a substitute for popcorn!
  • This theatre is a disgrace to janesville it's disgusting nothing works does anyone ever clean here? walked right in with online tickets no one Is checking if you even paid...my shoes are still sticky
  • Crappiest theatre ever!
  • Website does NOT have accurate showtime information! Be sure to call first so you don't get screwed - like we did twice now!
  • I like nachos yes! Iron man 2 yes
  • Went to see let's be cop's. Very funny:)
  • Definitely makes me miss the nice, big , and clean theaters of Milwaukee! Lets get it together janesville!!
  • Don't flush the toilet
  • Avengers 3D rocks!
  • Brrr, its cold in here

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