The "Wild Luxury" of the Aureus XV Absolute Sailing Yacht



While there are a lot of luxury yachts out there, many aren't exactly built for performance. Those who are steadfast sailors may steer clear of the overly luxurious sailing yachts, assuming that they won't give them the same experience that their outdated vessel does. Aureus wants to change all of that with their line of "wild luxury" vessels, boats that combine the high standards of maxi yachts with the nautical performance of sport models.

"Our ambitions were high: we set out to bring new thinking to a world of outdated aesthetics, on-board life and nautical performance. Such change cannot come about without powerful convictions and a refusal to accept compromises. Aureus XV Absolute is the fruit of this intransigence and the embodiment of this power," says Aurélien Poncin, director of the Aureus brand.


Made in France, the 50-foot XV Absolute (which took two and a half years) was designed to the smallest of details so that the finished product would be the perfect balance of high performance, luxury, and maneuverability. Using carbon/epoxy, the sailing boat is light and fast-moving. According to the brand, "her velocity allows more frequent use of the sails, even in light winds, which makes sailing more fun and reduces reliance on the engine."

Speaking of her power, she's equipped with a Watt and Sea hydro generator that was developed for offshore racing. The hydro generator creates 500 watts at eight knots in clean energy, reducing consumption (and the quantity needed on board) of fuel.

The deck, design by Italian architect Emmanuel Rossi, was constructed to allow you to move around freely, with all equipment flush against the surface or built-in. Maneuvers are made from the helm station and controlled using hydraulic or electrical power, giving you more control. Plus, the layout means you have plenty of areas to sunbathe at the stern.

Below deck you'll find two cabins, a technical cabin, two washrooms with private access, a saloon with U-shaped seating, a big desk/chart table, and a fully-fitted L-shaped galley. You can also get an alternative layout that takes out the desk to give you more seating and a bigger coffee table. Designed by Parisian designer Eric Benqué, the interior uses durable materials, like leather, wood, carbon and steel.

Starting at around $1.6M, Aureus promises that you'll receive your boat within 6-9 months of placing your order, guaranteeing the full, desk and structure for five years.