Wild Arctic

Theme Park
Sea World Orlando
Orlando, FL 32821


  • Be sure to take the helicopter side for this ride. And, take your tome walking through.
  • Come face-to-face with real walruses, beluga whales, and two famous polar bears named Klondike and Snow.
  • Klondike and Johnny are the polar bears. They sleep a lot mainly because they are old and that's what this animal does during the day. There are Belugas and Walruses. There are NO narwhals or penguin
  • This place is amazing! Go thru the walk VS the helicopter. The simulator is too rough plus a much longer line. The belugas are the best to watch and too funny. They were summing around blowing bubbles
  • The walk thru is just as good during the Christmas polar express.you'll watch a movie segment before setting the animals.splurge on hot chocolate once inside, they have the best!
  • DO NOT go on the helicopter ride! its way too rough n its not fun. just skip to the gift sip
  • The video in the beginning is laaaaame. But the rest was alright. The walrus was awesome sauce.
  • ride is actually better than I thought but the best part of the ride is everything after!
  • Make sure you dont miss the narwhal!! It's like the unicorn of the sea!!!!
  • Awesome place! Make sure you ask about the narwhal!
  • I miss seeing the polar bears. When I was there the walruses and Beluga Whales were quite active.
  • Brinquedo antigo. Passeio de helicptero que cai ate dentro da gua. No perca tempo.
  • Very good ride. Great for all
  • O simulador de helicptero antigo e um pouco chato!
  • Really cool area of the park
  • The helicopter ride really throws you around - be prepared !
  • Kinda like star war ride but fun
  • Santa is inside after the movie/ride! You can take your own photo or pay an arm& 2 legs for them to take it for ya.it's a good santa though
  • Come face-to-face with walruses, whales and polar bears
  • Best part? Beluga whales!!

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