Wicked Cyclone

Theme Park
Six Flags New England
Agawam, MA 01001


  • Possibly the scariest most ghetto coaster in the park. Which is the main reason to do it.
  • Make sure your restraints actually work I legit almost fell out
  • You have to get beaten up on this ride, or you really didn't go to Riverside
  • It was fun and nostalgic for me ...butttt I seriously doubt the integral structure of the coaster.
  • This for me was the SCARIEST ride in the whole park! 55mph barrel rolls, felt like 70! But I didnt die. Do it!!!
  • An awesome RMC with great theming!
  • My favorite coaster in the park.
  • So much better now that they changed it.
  • Fun ride, but the seats are very tight. If you're tall, this ride may not be for you. You would think for a new ride it would be roomy enough for big and tall people. Unfortunately it's not.
  • Last chance to ride at Cyclone today after 31 years.
  • Unlike Thunderbolt, has two trains so one is always loading while the other makes the loop--never more than 20-minute wait for the ride!
  • Sounds and rides like an old elevated train--love it!
  • Broke down twice in one day...once after we boarded and once when we were first in line...fml
  • You haven't come to Six Flags/Riverside Park until you ride this - Remember: no hands and Eyes open!

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