Why You Should Own a NutriBullet

Here are a few reasons to own this handy appliance

This appliance comes in handy for lots of things.

“Oh Mom, it’s a vacuum cleaner… Cool! Thank you! ”
“Wow, Dad, a hammer!”

At first I thought a blender would be one of those presents, but it wasn’t. After learning how to handle my NutriBullet, it became my most frequently used kitchen appliance. The Bullet itself comes with two blades, three cups and a booklet of recipes. For me, it’s completely changed my mornings on the run.

Photo By Bari Blanga

Since the Bullet can be taken apart, it’s extremely easy to clean, unlike other blenders. The blending cups have handles and are easy for on the go. I can throw in frozen or fresh fruit, crushed ice, vegetables and protein powder and blend them until they run smooth (about ten seconds). This little blender instantly transforms everyone into good smoothie makers. I’m not saying it’s a skill you’ll list on your resume, but it can make your day a little brighter.

Photo By Bari Blanga

As a college student living in my first apartment, I don’t have a mixer. Fortunately, the Bullet handles that, too. Baking just became a whole lot easier. You can throw in eggs, flour, sugar and other ingredients with no hassle in the slightest.

Photo by Bari Blanga

You probably have at least one friend who owns a Bullet. Be jealous, very jealous. And should you invest in one? Yes, yes you should.

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