Why We Love Piedmont Wines

5 great things to get excited about in this beautiful wine region

I'm sitting here in Piedmont on a beautiful late spring day, lamenting the coming rains as well as the masses of tourists. The fact that this spring has been decidedly wet certainly contributes to a mad rush like this when the weather turns, but what I’ve seen is ridiculous!

Ridiculous, but expected. I mean how long can the treasures of Piemonte escape our collective attention? I am of course talking about the glorious wines, but also about the food. Even the people and the accommodations they offer are so Piedmontese!

There is so much that one has to come to Piedmont to experience. While many try to imitate what they have, there is no improving on these things. They are part of this place; authentic, original and inimitable. Though many try, you simply can't beat all things Piedmontese directly from the source.

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— Gregory Dal Piaz, Snooth