Why Being a Vegetarian Isn’t As Hard As You May Think

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Why Being a Vegetarian Isn’t As Hard As You May Think

While being a vegetarian is easy and fun, it can take some time to get into the swing of things.  During your first attempt you will most likely have a few “whoops, I forgot I’m not supposed to eat that!” moments. Eventually, it will feel so natural to not eat meat that it will be almost second nature. Good luck and remember, it is possible!


1. Drop the red meat

This is your first major step towards becoming a vegetarian and actually sticking to it.  Not only is this a huge accomplishment, but you have also now decreased your overall fat intake by more than you probably know.  Raw meat is also a major source of foodborne illness, so “go you!” because you are putting yourself at a lower risk of what can be a very unpleasant and dangerous experience.

2. Wean yourself down to only one type of meat

Turkey is a great option for this step.  It is a lean meat that is lower in fat than a lot of other meats, but is still a great source of protein. Don’t forget that turkey can be cooked in several different ways, so make sure you don’t get bored and call it quits- you started for a reason. Try this turkey meatball recipe if you’re looking for inspiration!

3. Meat free

You have accomplished your goal! Keep it up, and it will eventually feel completely natural to not eat meat.  Yes, you may be longing for a burger after a crazy night out, but from experience, being a vegetarian is totally worth it.

4. Sticking with it

In order to stick with this crazy meatless phenomenon, it is important to keep your key nutrients, specifically protein and fat, where they need to be.  A great way to do this is to keep up with your dairy intake, as well as filling up on legumes like chickpeas and other types of beans. It is extremely important that you not only cut out meat, but also replace it with other food sources that still provide those essential nutrients.

If you are leaning toward giving this a shot, I say go for it! Click below for some of Spoon University’s best meatless recipes:

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