# Whole Foods

Second location in Lake Oswego, Oregon, will open July 14
Whole Foods is defending its employee who has been accused of icing ‘Love Wins, F@g’ on a cake from its bakery
Seafood Watch has labeled the fish a “best choice,” indicating it is a sustainable seafood option
A transgendered New York man has sued Whole Foods after allegedly experiencing discriminatory harassment
First location is set to open in Silver Lake, California, on May 25
Recent analysis reveals Trader Joe’s offerings are about 26 percent cheaper
After Mikaila Ulmer, 11, sold the idea of her honey lemonade on Shark Tank, she became a successful kid entrepreneur
The unexpected ingredient is suspected to be a small animal bone
A Japanese gastropub, serving small bites and ramen, is now open at Whole Foods Market in Columbus Circle
A Whole Foods customer received heart-wrenching news while she was grocery shopping: She thanks the strangers who helped her