# Whole Foods

The company says the acquisition will extend its mission to bring the ‘highest quality experience’ to its customers
The series used the grocery store to illustrate the potential downfalls of modern online dating
Jana Partners is a new Whole Food investor that intends to shake up the ‘chronically underperforming’ grocery chain
Kellyanne Conway was asked to serve as an expert witness for a lawsuit against Whole Foods, but it didn’t turn out well
The company struggles to keep up with growing competition in the natural and organic food market
Whole Foods now has a whole ‘butcher’ section dedicated to slicing and dicing your greens
Enough of the chemical additives, it’s time for a protein bar made with real ingredients
Whole Foods has been criticized for selling the cheap New York bodega classic, chopped cheese, for almost double the usual price
Direct Action Everywhere, an animal rights group, released a video said to depict poor conditions, which the farm denies exist
The organic grocer will show customer appreciation with this nation-wide program