White Truffles at Cecconi’s

The fancy fungi will grace your plate for 1 night only

Even with the economy picking up steam and unemployment on a gradual decline, white truffles are still a luxury ingredient. They’re also incredibly rare, which is why West Hollywood restaurant Cecconi’s is featuring truffles both white and black as part of a six-course tasting menu ($225; $300 with wine pairings) on Wednesday, Nov. 7.

The dinner, conceived by chef Andrea Cavaliere, will feature dishes like scallop with parsnip and white truffle, and rabbit porchettato with black truffle jus and hen agnolotti in broth. The truffles even make their way into the dessert course via white chocolate and truffle honey panna cotta.


Cecconi’s sources their truffles from two brothers — Michael and Marco Pietroiacovo — who hail from Campobasso, Italy, and work under the mysterious name, "The Truffle Brothers." The Pietroiacovos supply truffles to restaurants across the country, from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Miami, Dallas, and New York. For folks without disposable income, they sell truffle shavings, truffle slices, and that bane of food culture’s existence — truffle oil.