White Castle to Sell $25,000 Worth of Sliders to Benefit Autism Research

Buy a 'Crave Pallet' and do some good for once in your life

If you have a big heart, $25,000 of disposable income, and a fondness for White Castle, here’s a deal for you: the burger chain is upping the ante on its 30-count Crave Cases and 100-burger Crave Crates by selling a supersized "Crave Pallet" — a skid containing 6,912 sliders with or without cheese and jalapeños — with all proceeds benefiting autism research. Jamie Richardson, vice president of White Castle notes, "We believe it's important to fund autism research because it touches so many children and families." In addition to the mountain of meat, guests can enjoy the smell of 216 White Castle steam-grilled-on-a-bed-of-onions Nest Fragrance candles, in case the actual smell of burgers cooking isn’t strong enough.

Attempting such a massive slider structure is no easy feat, so White Castle chefs will be on hand to cook the burgers to order for up to 1,000 people, meaning wealthy hermits need not apply.