Which Thanksgiving Food Are You Most Excited For?


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we can’t help but get really psyched about all the delicious food we will be enjoying over this festive season. From turkey to sweet potato casserole, what foods are you most excited to go home to this Thanksgiving? Read on to find out more about what fellow NYU students are most looking forward to eating over Thanksgiving break!

1. Julia Fancey, NYU Nursing, Junior and Betty Galuberzon, NYU Nursing, Junior

Photo by Delissa Handoko

“We were just talking about this! Stuffing- that’s my shit. Also crescent rolls, pumpkin, green bean casserole with the little onion flakes on top.”

2. Max Bernstein, NYU Law, Second Year

Photo by Delissa Handoko

“I’m vegetarian so my options are limited. I’ve never had tofurkey (vegan tofu turkey), so I’m excited to try that!”

3. Ashley, and Nicole Johnson, NYU Gallatin, Senior

Photo by Delissa Handoko

Nicole: “I’m excited to eat candied yams. They are sweet potatoes with maple glaze and pecans.”

Ashley: “Macaroni and Cheese, honestly. I know it’s not healthy but I just want to eat it!”

4. Solomon Leung, Stern, Junior

Photo by Delissa Handoko

Solomon’s friend: “He makes turkey dinners for his entire family. He is a really good cook!”

NYU Spoon: “So apart from turkey, is there anything else you prepare for your family’s Thanksgiving feast?”

Solomon: “I also make mash potatoes with gravy.”

5. Justin Marin, NYU Nursing, Junior

Photo by Delissa Handoko

“Ooooh… stuffing, that stuff’s the best because different people make stuffings differently!”

6. Carmen Mui, Steinhardt, Junior

Photo by Delissa Handoko

“I don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving… I think getting together with friends and family is most important to me!”

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