Where to Get a Free Drink on April Fools' Day in New York City (Really, This Is No Joke)

We wouldn't pull your leg on this one: how to score a drink for free on April Fools' Day

Drink for free on April Fool's Day.

We're all for a good April Fools' joke, but we wouldn't kid you about free drinks in New York City. So for all the jokesters and funnymen (and women) out there, now's your chance to flex your funny bone and get a free drink. 

At Courgette, Vero Restaurant & Wine Bar, Mari Vanna New York, and both locations of Bounce Sporting Club, you can tell your servers a joke — any joke (but we hope it's at least one you've gotten some laughs with) — and get a complimentary drink. (We just recommend not pranking your servers, because that could end badly for you and your drink.) Here's what you'll get at these restaurants and bars: 

Courgette: Joke's on Brew cocktail
Mari Vanna New York: House-infused vodka shot
Bounce Sporting Club (Flatiron and Uptown): Banana-infused Jameson shot and a beer
VERO Restaurant & Wine Bar (Uptown and Midtown): Glass of sangria

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And we particularly like the Cougrette's April Fools' specialty cocktail; the Joke's on Brew cocktail is a mix of gin, melon juice, lime juice, egg whites, powdered sugar, Angostura bitters, and topped with a lemon garnish. Seriously, we can take the endless jokes and pranks on April 1 with these free drinks at the end of the day.