Where to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner in Los Angeles

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See our list of top LA restaurants opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day
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Bouchon Beverly Hills offers a full Thanksgiving meal delivered to your home, as well as served in the restaurant.

Tradition has it that Thanksgiving is spent at home, in the kitchen with close family, the football game blaring, and possibly an uncle ranting about the "good old days." Though tradition is always the safe bet on holidays, many food lovers that live in a city such as Los Angeles have an ample amount of culinary options to choose from. From Malibu to Downtown LA, Thanksgiving is on in the City of Angels.

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For those who don't want to cook, non-traditional families, or for those of us still without plans, worry no more, as The Daily Meal has compiled a list of pronounced eateries to dine in this Thanksgiving Day.

Whether you’re traveling to Los Angeles for this holiday or you already reside in LA, many restaurants are open to cater to your Thanksgiving Day cravings and customary menu selections of hand-carved turkey, cranberry sauce, and plenty more. We have even spotted a few restaurants that have created an untraditional twist to their Thanksgiving Day menu with items like pink peppercorn gravy, kabocha squash cake, or an open-face cinnamon macaron. Need we say more?

If you're up for venturing outside of the house this holiday, there are some great culinary spots in the city where you can celebrate giving thanks without lifting a finger in the kitchen. The only work you need to do is bring the fork to your mouth and toast with lots of champagne cheers. So, we have kept our ears glued to the Los Angeles restaurant scene and compiled a list of top restaurants in the area offering feasts, buffets, and prix fixe menus. Click through our slideshow to see all the top Los Angeles restaurants' Thanksgiving Day offerings, from a Mediterranean-inspired mezze dinner at Cleo to organic turkey and roasted prime rib at Bouchon Beverly Hills to fall-flavored specialty cocktails at Crossroads.

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