Where do The Super Rich go to Spend Their Billions? It May Surprise You


The thing about billionaires is that they can go, see and do whatever they want. You might think they are planning the next trip to Fiji and buying real estate in Paris, but as it turns out they’re actually dreaming of Wisconsin and middle-of-nowhere, Kansas. At least, that’s what CNBC found while shooting the Secret Lives of the Super Rich. The wealthiest people in the world are going to some very unlikely places to dish out their earnings. Among the list of 8 towns is Ronkonkoma, NY; Amelia Island, FL; Alpine, NJ; and Aalsmeer, the Netherlands.

When the super rich want to fix up their Ferraris, they make an appointment with Motion Products owner Wayne Orby in Neenah, WI. His work is so good, that clients are placed on an 18-month waiting list. But don’t think that just because these money-makers have billions to spend that they can cut the line to get priority, because with Obry, it doesn’t work that way. "Just because you have a couple of bucks, you can influence what we're doing? You can change the commitments I've made to my other billionaire customers? Doesn't happen," Obry said, according to MSN.

Check out which other destinations made the secret list and what billionaires buy there. And if you think you’re alone in not knowing where these towns are, don’t worry, you’re not. The super rich love their privacy and exclusivity, so unless you’re one of them, you may never have a reason to visit these towns.