Where Celebrities, Hollywood Big Shots, and Media Executives Lunch

Ladies may lunch, but the Hollywood Reporter pulls back the curtain on the power lunch
Power Lunch

Even though the days of mysterious Hollywood lives are long over, something about power lunches fascinates us. Like really, who else has time to lunch these days?

In their February issue, The Hollywood Reporter brings us this nifty guide to power lunching around Los Angeles (and New York and London), showing us who pays when, who goes where, and what sort of shenanigans go down.

On the Los Angeles list? Big lunch spots in the past have included Ma Maison, Orso, and Morton's, as well as The Polo Lounge, Spago, and The Grill on the Alley. Some restaurants had to move, however, for Bouchon (from Thomas Keller) and Tom Colicchio's Craft.

In New York, we've got Michael's, the Four Seasons, Fred's New York, Jean Georges, and The Lamb's Club, while Brits prefer Shoreditch House, Dean Street Townhouse, Scott's, The Wolseley, and The Ivy.


Check out the top 25 Los Angeles power lunch spots in The Hollywood Reporter's slideshow, as well as their nifty infographic telling you if you need to pay at your next shindig. Hint: if you're an actor, you get a free lunch. Sweet.