What Your Favorite Ben & Jerry's Flavor Says About You

Do you Imagine Whirled Peace in a Hazed and Confused sort of way? Find out what your Ben & Jerry’s obsession really means

Your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor is so telling that it could be used as a descriptor in your dating profile.

If You Love Hazed & Confused 

Uh, you feel like, everything is like, all good man. You’re like, mad easygoing and super into like, experiencing everything life has to offer. And you probably think Martha Washington was a hip, hip lady.

 If You Love Cherry Garcia

You’ve definitely got an appreciation for the classics but you aren’t afraid to try new and inventive things. You’re a solid person with a quirky personality who always makes people smile.

If You Love Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

You’re a classic homebody who appreciates the simple pleasures in life.

If You Love Chunky Monkey

You’ve got a fun and funky side that you ain’t afraid to flaunt. Work it!

If You Love Half Baked

You’re like the whole package: a little sweet, a little sassy, and a whole lot of adventurous personality to love.

If You Love Imagine Whirled Peace

You’re totally laid back, but aren’t very good at sitting still. You’re always on the hunt for a good time and love to party with all types of people. You can blend in anywhere!