What Your "Drink" Says About You on a Date

Are you an easy going Bud Light drinker or trying to impress with a Martini?

Appletini: You've left the kids with a sitter and you're ready to have fun!

Pimm's Cup: You're an Anglophile.

Old-Fashioned: Mad Men is your favorite show — you either want to be, or sleep with, Don Draper.

Margarita, on the rocks: You've decided to have a good time tonight.

Margarita, frozen: You're in Cabo.

PBR: You're drinking quickly on your way to a non-profit fundraiser, followed by a poetry reading in a former industrial warehouse.

Tequila Shots: You're either getting laid, or just getting through it.

Long Island Iced Tea: You have a drinking problem.

A beer, while at a cocktail bar: Overprotective of your manhood or unadventurous.

A cocktail, while at a dive bar: Insufferable.


—Chiara Atik

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