What Your Diet Says About You

You know, other than your obvious preference for very specific food
Your Diet Personality

Because, really, nothing is more necessary to your life than this judgmental listicle.


We assume that your veganism means you own a bunch of tasty animals that are alive and intact. We also assume that you’re a really affectionate, conscientious person who truly takes the entire world's feelings into consideration. You’re a disciplined person who stands true to his or her beliefs, even if it threatens your social life. You're super trend. It’s cool though, you really rock your fake Buddy Holly glasses.




You’re either super gluten intolerant, or you’re very suseptible to cultural peer pressure.

gluten free



You’re a more laid-back version of a vegan: you won’t eat anything with a face, but byproducts of creatures who once had faces are totally on the table. You also probably hang out at really chic places and are a fabulous problem solver, as you’re used to hunting for a creative solution to any menu-related problem.




You’re likely super into cross fit and totally love camping. Paleo dieters have a passion for nature, and can probably teach you some sweet orienteering skills if you offer them some trail mix.




Cute cows on the menu? No way. But funky fish? Bring on the clam bake! Your convictions may falter at times, but you probably love volunteering at the animal shelter to make up for it!




You’re raw, slightly aggressive, and a completely motivated person. You’ve climbed your way to the top of the food chain so why stop there?

ron swanson


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