What We're Loving: Cocoagraph Chocolate Photograph Co.

Sink your teeth into this delicious photo

If you're tired of gifting the same bottle of wine, bouquet of flowers, or set of dishtowels, we may have a way for you to break out of your routine. Introducing the Cocoagraph, a bar of chocolate that you can have printed with any photograph of your choice.

You simply send the company whichever picture you want printed and they recreate it out of food coloring and frosting in a vintage-inspired style (à la Instagram). Then, the image tops a bar of chocolate and voilà — edible photos.

The bars are available in milk, white, and dark chocolate (with the milk and dark chocolate available in organic forms, as well). Cocoagraph sources their chocolate from Guittard Chocolate Co., a family-operated business located in Northern California’s Bay Area that only uses cocoa beans that are Rainforest Alliance Certified — so not only does it taste good but you will feel good about eating it, as well!

Aside from printing custom images, Cocoagraph also offers series of pre-printed chocolates with their own graphics on them. Choose from a series of options such as "Happy Birthday" greeting chocolates, holiday-themed chocolates, or even bars with works by the artist John Hersey or the photographer Mel Ashar on them.


Perfect for bridal goodie bags, Christmas presents, or as a Valentine’s Day surprise, Cocoagraphs are the ultimate way to deliver a gift that is personal, unique, and delicious all at once.