What We're Loving: Bird & Banner

Unique products your guests will want to keep

Looking for a way to personalize your next family barbecue, holiday gathering, or baby shower? Check out Bird & Banner, a stationary company that provides detailed, original products to enhance your hostess experience.

Started in 2006 by two graphic designers, Bird & Banner offers unique, design-oriented stationary that is a nice deviation from the standard black lettering on white paper stock. With options ranging from wedding invitations to save-the-date announcements, baby showers, and all kinds of party invitations, there is a wide selection of styles and designs from which customers may choose.

Additionally, Bird & Banner creates favors that you can hand out to your guests at your next gathering: they make a cleverly designed paper pretzel bag in which you can hand out warm treats to your guests and a muslin, printed bag that can be stuffed with candy or any kind of tasty gift you’d like to gift. Many of their products feature unique elements such as wood, fabric, buttons, or twine stitching to create a homemade, original feel to their designs.


Even if you’re just having a few friends over for cocktails, the detail-oriented Bird & Banner products can make any gathering feel like a thoughtful, carefully planned experience and will serve as mementos guests can hold onto for a long time.