What We’re Loving: Saarloos + Sons’ Bride and Groom Wine

Toast the big day with wine for both halves of the happy couple

Choosing a signature drink is totally optional when it comes to planning your big day. However, having the right wine on hand is entirely non-negotiable. You should consult with your other half and decide what you like, whether it’s a pinot noir or a cabernet, a chardonnay or a riesling. You should definitely have a white option and a red option for your guests, though, especially if you have both meat and fish options on your menu.

But as for the bride and the groom, how about toasting each other with a special bottle or two?

Saarloos + Sons, a family vineyard in Los Olivos, Calif., has made it their mission to make wine a special experience for couples on their big day.


Enjoy a Bride bottle, a grenache blanc that’s reflective of the Saarloos family matriarch, or a Groom bottle, grenache noir that represents the strong patriarch of the brand. Or, just customize a bottle with your new family name on it and the wedding date. Whatever you decide, wine can be a significant and special experience on your big day with the help of Saarloos + Sons.