What We’re Loving: The Roundup

Between the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day, we’re in a tailspin of loving products

We’ve been running the What We’re Loving column for quite some time now, and while we have seen success in our page views, pins, and rave reviews, this week brought real excitement.

You all went crazy over our Wednesday pick, the Crock-Pot Triple Dipper. Brilliant, isn’t it? It's ideal for Super Bowl, too!

As for everything else we’re loving, take a peek at what you might have missed this week!

La Tavola Linens' Dolce Collection

As you know, we’re big fans of all things that sparkle and shine — hello, glitter guide! — so it's definitely not a shock that we are not just loving, but in love with, the sequined table linen collection at La Tavola.




The GO Plate

When you’re hosting a rowdy bunch of football fans this Super Bowl Sunday—you’ll thank us when there aren’t an excess of dirty plates lying around and nothing has spilled all over your carpet.




Old Wood Market Place’s Tequila Buffet

When you think of the word “buffet,” you’re obviously envisioning a surplus of food—whether it be at a party, event, or a Las Vegas casino. However, The folks over at Old Wood Market Place have a completely different idea of the term.




Crock-Pot Triple Dipper

Here’s the thing about dips — you’re always going to have to refill the bowl at some point, especially if you’re hosting a pretty big group of people. If you’re making a hot dip like bean, spinach and artichoke, or a pizza dip, you’re going to want to keep it warm while serving.



Cuisipro’s Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

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For something a bit fancier than a pint straight out of the freezer, Cuisipro’s ice cream sandwich maker is ideal for not only making the task of building an ice cream sandwich easier, but more fun, especially with its trio of shapes — a heart, a circle, and a star.